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  • Mother to Zeb & Jensen
  • Educator at Mill River Union High
  • Silpada Representative
  • Proud Shrewsbury Resident!
  • Ooops...almost forgot Logan & Tink!
Hiya Folks! Robert & I are having the "First Fannual Fall Frank Fest" at my house on Saturday, September 28th. We will be providing the hot dogs (or franks), the buns (hot dog buns!) & a very special 'Michigan Sauce' & "Kraut" (both homemade by us). For you veggies & gluten free-ites, don't fret, we got u covered! We ask for 'other toppings' you might wish (ie: cole slaw, Wickles, whatever) as well as a side dish or two (ie: pot salad?). We'll need RSVP's & also will publish the list of 'topping/sides' offerings. Lastly: bring twice as much adult bevvie as you might expect to consume (LOL), so the hosts are sufficiently lubricated! As the FFFFF cup says, pics from the event will be posted here directly afterwards!

Q's: Beef or pork or turkey dog or veggie pup?
Q's: Bringing 'what'?

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